- Hammock-related questions -

Q1I don't know how to use or install the hammock.
≫Please refer to the booklet attached to the purchased product or " How to use and install the hammock "


Q2Can I use a hammock/hammock stand made by another company with the HiHi LABO TM hammock/hammock stand?
≫There are types of hammocks/stands made by other companies that can be used with HiHi LABO TM hammocks/stands. cannot provide any compensation, so please use it at your own discretion.


Q3How far can the hammock/chair hammock ride?
≫The load capacity is 160kg for the hammock, 140kg for the chair hammock, and 200kg for the hammock stand. Please use within the range of load capacity.


Q4Can I cancel my order?
If you contact us within 7 days after receiving the product, you can receive a refund or an exchange by returning the product. For more information, please refer to " Refund Policy ".


Q5Is the color of the actual product the same as the product page?
≫We strive to make the colors of the products you see look as close as possible to the actual product. It may differ slightly. Please note.


Q6Can the hammock be washed?

≫The fabric of the hammock/chair hammock can be washed in a household washing machine. See " Hammock/Chair Hammock Care Instructions ".

Q7How many years can the hammock be used?

HiHi LABO TM believes that the lifespan of a hammock/chair hammock is 3 to 5 years if used properly, but it may be shorter than 3 years depending on usage conditions, and it may take 10 years or more. You may be able to use it without problems.

If the fabric is torn, there is a hole, or the hanging string is cut, please stop using the product in question as a guideline for new products and for safe use.