HiHi LABO's commitment to the environment

As a global citizen, HiHi LABO TM is thinking about what we can do to realize a sustainable society, and we are taking action little by little.


Use of recycled material packaging
Recycled materials are used for the packaging paper and cardboard boxes of HiHi LABO TM products.

Use of recycled polyester material for hammock slings
Recycled Polyester is used for hanging codes of HiHi LABO TM Hammocks and Chair hammocks.

FSC certified factory
Factory in Kanagawa,Japan of YAMATO SHOKAI Co., Ltd.(the parent company of HiHi LABO TM , processes and delivers wood such as old wood as interior materials for famous shops and commercial facilities) is FSC approved. We are committed to sustainable environmental conservation.


* FSC certification : An international certification system that evaluates and certifies whether forests are managed appropriately with consideration for the environment and local communities, and certifies that products are produced from such forests.

FSC Japan HP: https://jp.fsc.org/jp-ja