About Hammock

Hammock roots:

Hammocks have a very long history, and are said to have originated with the Arawak people of the Taíno culture of Central America, and about 1,000 years ago, it has been confirmed that the Maya culture also used hammocks. It seems that They began to be used to protect themselves from pests and pests by floating them off the ground when they slept, and when they saw the natives sleeping in the hammocks, Christopher Columbus (the discoverer of the Americas) brought them back to Europe. It seems that there is also an anecdote that it spread.

Hammock etymology:

The name "hammock" is derived from the Arawak word " Amaca ", which means "fish net". It is said that it became "Hammock" in English from the meaning of "hanging mat".

Current Hammock:

Hammocks are now used for leisure, interior, and bedding in many countries. In addition, many hammocks are made in South America, Southeast Asia, India, etc., where hammocks have their roots.