Check before installing hammock/chair hammock

Securing installation space

First, make sure you have enough space for your hammock or chair hammock.

The minimum required space for each product and installation method is as follows. (It may be possible to install in a slightly narrow space depending on the arrangement of the installation method.)

product Installation method height distance width
hammock Pillar x Pillar (Wall x Wall/Wood x Wood) 1.6m 3.2m 1.4m
Column x Beam (Wall x Ceiling)
1.8m 3.6m 1.6m
Beam x Beam (Ceiling x Ceiling)
2.4m 4.2m 1.6m
hammock stand 1.4m 2.7m 1.2m
chair hammock beam (ceiling) 2.4m 1.4m 1.4m

* When setting up the hammock/chair hammock, please keep a sufficient distance from windows, walls, knives and sharp objects as it may cause injury or damage to the product.

Checking the strength of the installation location

When installing ropes and equipment and attaching them to pillars (walls) and beams (ceilings), there is a risk of accidents and damage, so be sure to check with the construction company or your local construction shop that they have sufficient strength. Please confirm. Reinforcement work may be required.

Please make sure that it can withstand a load of at least 200kg .